The Oracle of Aegis Isle RELEASED!

Wine shall be spilt, backs shall be broken, a daughter of Aegis Isle shall rise, and ever shall these days of festivity and sport be known as the Oracle Games. But this once-in-a-lifetime event is not for the salt-browed denizens of the island alone, and all with heart are welcome.

The Oracle of Aegis Isle is a setting-neutral adventure for 5th Edition DUNGEONS & DRAGONS that encourages social roleplay on a small but lively island. While the characters can have a whole lot of fun just by participating in competitions and otherwise enjoying the festivities of the Oracle Games, a conspiracy unfolds beneath the surface, ancient secrets and strange treasures await discovery, and the monsters guarding them await their next good meal. The Oracle of Aegis Isle is perfect for 2nd to 4th level parties in need of a holiday (a break from their main campaign), and it is of course thematically compatible with the upcoming realm of Theros!

You can purchase The Oracle of Aegis Isle via the following link:


While that may have made sense to the D&D-savvy, I probably confused everyone else. What you need to know is that for about a year now I’ve been creating my very first D&D adventure for publication on the Dungeon Masters Guild (under the Community Content Agreement), and I published it today!

The Oracle of Aegis Isle is my biggest creative project yet, and the hundreds upon hundreds of hours I spent on it would’ve been a complete waste of time without some very special folks who helped me over the finish line.

So thanks again, Ar-Tel (Matt), Gehrigan (Darren), Grath (Dingo), Almawt (Ben), Jordan, Tayt, Andrew, Jan, shroomvolcano, and Lachlan for playtesting and providing pre-release feedback on The Oracle of Aegis Isle, and thanks to all my family and friends for putting up with my ten-hour working days and headaches.

Of course, The Oracle of Aegis Isle would be pretty mundane without Roderick Fernandes’s gorgeous cover art, the map, battlemap, and cross-sectional art of Stanislav Mokrushin, and the symbol of the Oracle art by Sarah Gerber. You guys are superstars, and I love you.

While The Oracle of Aegis Isle is published, my toil is not yet over and never will be. I’m going to be updating the adventure as I receive feedback, and there are all sorts of other things to consider, such as marketing the adventure and, if it goes really well, offering a physical or even a virtual tabletop version of the adventure.

But for now, thank you for your support, and if you’re a D&D nerd or want to be, please consider purchasing The Oracle of Aegis Isle


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