Murderhobos Must Die RELEASED!

I published my second tabletop RPG adventure a few days ago, this time via DriveThruRPG (under the Open Gaming License and using the Systems Reference Document). It’s called Murderhobos Must Die, and it’s a 5E-compatible one-shot adventure for commonfolk who are sick of the adventurers’ shit.

You can purchase Murderhobos Must Die here.

PDF cover and map

Basically, new or just straight-up bad tabletop RPG players sometimes go from in-game village to in-game village murdering NPCs to either test the limits of the game or the Game master’s patience — hence the term “murderhobos.” Often, NPC commonfolk are the ones who take the brunt of the assault, so in Murderhobos Must Die, I’ve turned all this on its head. Now, the players are commonfolk, and they must defeat the “adventuring” party occupying their village. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, both as a Game Master and player, so I just went ahead and made it myself. And it turned out great.

Here’s some text from the adventure itself, just to set the tone:

These so-called “adventurers” take more lives than the plague and cholera combined. They ride upon our villages with flames and trouble in their wake, kicking in our doors, drinking our taverns dry, and then expecting us to turn out our pockets and suck the mud from their boots! When we speak, they cut out our tongues. When we stand, they cut us down. But no longer! This village may be a shithole, but it’s our shithole, and we’ll play host to these vagabonds no more! Murderhobos must die!

Like I did for The Oracle of Aegis Isle, I had Stanislav Mokrushin make the maps for this adventure, but my own partner, Sarah, made the cover for me. I think, with some practice, she could really do well making commissioned pieces for nerds like me.

Now I’ve just got to get it out there to the tabletop RPG community, so if you’re a nerd or have any nerdy friends, please send Murderhobos Must Die their way!

Thanks for reading ❤

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