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A freelance writer and editor based in Perth, Western Australia, I write and edit video scripts, articles, blog posts, and copy. I pride myself on my ability to get things done and work with a smile.

For samples of my work, just scroll down or check out my blog. If you just want to chat, I’d love for you contact to me.

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Current projects

» Scriptwriting for Frontier Media

Frontier Media is a media production company specialising in YouTube videos, with its largest channels being The Front (over 300k subscribers) and Geetsly’s (over 400k subscribers). I’ve been writing scripts for Frontier Media since October 2019 (mostly for The Front and our new channel The Braved), and tackle/have tackled a range of other tasks too. These include writing website copy, writing business documentation, editing other writers’ scripts, managing production teams, managing YouTube channels, managing social media, and more.

Past projects

» Script development for Chad Gerber’s short film LENS (released 07.2021)

I helped Chad Gerber write the script for his award-winning short film LENS.

» Script development for Australian Honey Ventures (released 05.2021)

Via Chad Gerber, I helped AHV with the script for their “Invest Now” video, and I’ve done a bit of other work here and there for them, too.

» Script development for the Shire of Murray’s Top Tourism Town Awards entry (finished 01.2020)

I helped Chad Gerber write the script for the Shire of Murray’s entry to the 2021 GWN7 Top Tourism Town Awards. The video, which is about tourism in Dwellingup, won the Gold Medal in the Small Tourism Town category.

» Writing for HealthJob (finished 12.2020)

I wrote a few articles for HealthJob from September 2020 to December 2020. You can find them here.

» Writing for The Jerk’E’Club (finished 15.12.2020)

I wrote the blog post series Tales of Two Jerks for The Jerk’E’Club from October 2019 to December 2020, for a total of 10 chapters, and some of their website copy.

» Editing for Chad Gerber (finished 12.2019)

I edited thirty blog posts for Chad Gerber as he travelled to as many places around the world. I edited Chad’s posts from April 2019 to December 2019, and I think the results speak for themselves.


» Blog articles for REIZE (finished 15.01.2018)

I wrote twelve blog articles for REIZE in 2017 and 2018. All but two of them were about video games.

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