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Here, you can learn about all the strange, unsettling stuff I come up with myself.

Current projects

♦ Flash fiction

I’m back on that old flash fiction horse, punching out weird stories for fun and also for publication. Unfortunately, I can’t share the stories I’m submitting for publication, but you can read these ones right now:

Blood Palette (finished 02.10.2020)
Brat Stew (finished 11.09.2020)
Weren’t No Bullets (finished 08.07.2020)

♦ #WeirdVSS

Weird is wonderful, wouldn’t you say? I host #WeirdVSS, a Twitter-based writing prompt service for the weird and dark. Click here or follow me on Twitter to find out more.


Past projects

♦ The Oracle of Aegis Isle (released 11.06.2020)


Wine shall be spilt, backs shall be broken, a daughter of Aegis Isle shall rise, and ever shall these days of festivity and sport be known as the Oracle Games. But this once-in-a-lifetime event is not for the salt-browed denizens of the island alone, and all with heart are welcome.

The Oracle of Aegis Isle is a setting-neutral adventure for 5th Edition DUNGEONS & DRAGONS that encourages social roleplay on a small but lively island. While the characters can have a whole lot of fun just by participating in competitions and otherwise enjoying the festivities of the Oracle Games, a conspiracy unfolds beneath the surface, ancient secrets and strange treasures await discovery, and the monsters guarding them await their next good meal. The Oracle of Aegis Isle is perfect for 2nd to 4th level parties in need of a holiday (a break from their main campaign)!

You can purchase The Oracle of Aegis Isle here.

♦ Murderhobos Must Die (released 18.08.2020)

PDF cover and map

These so-called “adventurers” take more lives than the plague and cholera combined. They ride upon our villages with flames and trouble in their wake, kicking in our doors, drinking our taverns dry, and then expecting us to turn out our pockets and suck the mud from their boots! When we speak, they cut out our tongues. When we stand, they cut us down. But no longer! This village may be a shithole, but it’s our shithole, and we’ll play host to these vagabonds no more! Murderhobos must die!

Murderhobos Must Die is a one-shot tabletop RPG adventure for commonfolk who are sick of the adventurers’ shit. The players play as pre-existing villagers trying to kill the adventurers or, more accurately, murderhobos occupying their village.

You can purchase Murderhobos Must Die here.

Fein’s Deluge (released 14.09.2019)

An open map work of interactive fiction set in a wretched forest village.

Click here to play Fein’s Deluge for free in your browser at


Fein’s Deluge is a work of choice-based interactive fiction created in Twine 2 (SugarCube), inspired by the open map structure discussed in Sam Kabo Ashwell’s post Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games. Written in the second person, you, the reader/player, divulge a vague, non-linear story by traversing a geographical space rendered in text — the village of Fein’s Deluge. You play a rookie field officer of the Witching Inquirium, a fledgling, who has been assigned to Fein’s Deluge to discern the source of a surge of foul and prohibited magic.

You can review Fein’s Deluge on its page or Interactive Fiction Database page.

in the living room (released 13.10.2019)

the living room is off, physically, as if everything has taken a small step to the left or perhaps God has nudged me off of my axis

Click here to play in the living room for free in your browser at


in the living room is an open map work of interactive fiction which takes inspiration from the act (clue) and agenda mechanics of Fantasy Flight Games’ Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Without spoiling it too much, you progress the story by gaining insight inspecting things in a room (such as the living room) and spending insight opening other rooms (such as the kitchen or the bathroom). You gain insight when the POV character learns something new about his predicament and how it came to be. Generally, if you’re fumbling or backtracking — essentially if you’re moving without gaining or spending insight — your insanity will increase, until the POV character breaks.

You can review in the living room on its page or Interactive Fiction Database page.

Raid on the Silver City (closed 12.09.2019)

Raid on the Silver City was a MASSIVE work of choice-based interactive fiction, drafted, but nowhere near complete. I decided to put it in the bottom drawer. It’s hard to say if I’ll return to it.


fiction_shots (closed 03.04.2020)

fiction_shots was both a writing community and a platform for sharing and posting flash fiction and its derivatives (vss, microfiction, etc.). We posted at least one piece a week to both Instagram and Twitter, and I’d like to thank Dilini, Jon, and Sarah for contributing. As of the 2nd of April 2020 and our thirty-fifth story, I decided to convert the fiction_shots Twitter account to my own personal account and continue writing stories there; I closed the fiction_shots Instagram account soon after.


Of those thirty-five stories, these were five of my favourites.

fiction_shots 32 [Twitter #vss365 word #seagull]

Hoppy the one-legged seagull swallowed two potato chips and half a crab stick and then fluttered onto the tin roof to cackle at his pea-brained compatriots and stretch out both his legs.

fiction_shots 31 [Twitter #vss365 word #spirits]

I’d never seen a man with bone sticking out his skin in such high spirits.

He looked at me, read my thoughts. “I’m going home, mate. Home.”

He looked at nothing after that, and I spent a long minute deciding if I should put a bullet in my left asscheek or right.

fiction_shots 27 [Twitter #vss365 word #could]

It could come at any time on any day. The uncertainty’s worse than the result. He’s almost sure of it, but he hasn’t put the cross down since it arrived.

Metal hits metal, and his heart makes a fist.

A guard saunters past, dragging a baton over the iron bars.

fiction_shots 11

I once saved a bee from drowning in my pool only to walk past the pool an hour later and get stung by that very same bee.

fiction_shots 07

He took his grandmother’s toothy hands one last time. “You were always good to us, Bunică, fed us well.”

Eyes shut, violet lips parted, she squeezed back, pressing something hard and sticky into his palm.

“Sleep well,” he said, and then he left her open coffin, a blood-sweet between his finger and thumb and visions of the Long Rest pumping through his mind.

Shitty short stories (closed 23.09.2017)

When I first set up this blog back in 2017, I flooded it with shitty short stories, and while the stories were shit, the cover art wasn’t.

This piece was by Oliver Ragen.

Gods on the Scarp

And this one was by Roderick Fernandes; it was the first he ever did for me.

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