How I work

Every copywriting project is different, but I stick to a proven process so you know where I’m at with your project and what you need to do to make it go smooth as butter.

This is roughly how it will go:

Step 1: Greetings
We start an unnecessarily formal email correspondence or break the ice in an awkward phone call

Step 2: Briefing
I send you my briefing questionnaire and you fill it out so we’re absolutely on the same page about your project (if you need help with this, just ask me; we can even go through it together on the phone)

Step 3: Proposal
I send you my proposal, which will include a more detailed overview of my process, exactly what you need to do and when, my Ts&Cs, my quote, and more

Step 4: Proposal acceptance
You make a fantastic decision and sign my proposal, and I invoice you for a first payment, which is usually 50% of the total amount quoted

Step 5: Research
After I receive my dollarydoos, I do lots of research and implement a strategy to make your copy shine

Step 6: Copywriting
I send you my skeleton draft (as a Word document) and you get back to me with any amendments; we repeat this for a first draft and second draft, and then I send you a proofread final draft

Step 7: Finishing up
Once we’re both super happy, I send you an end-of-project sign-off document, and we celebrate a job well done

Depending on the size of your project, I may tweak my process. The same goes if you want to keep me on retainer. All of this will be specified in my proposal.

In regards to what I charge for my copywriting, it varies from project to project, but if you’re wanting to get a feel for it, I can give you a ballpark figure when we begin our correspondence. If you want to see some numbers right this second, I’ve written scripts for 2-minute videos for $125, 500-word blog posts for $225, and 400-word web pages for $175.

For things like proofing, editing, and extra revisions, I charge at an hourly rate. I never work at per-word rates.

If you have any questions about my process or you’re ready to get stuck into it, please reach out telepathically or press the button.